Saturday, August 30, 2008

36 weeks...

I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I was posting ultrasound photos to let everyone know we were having a boy. Now, here we are, 4 weeks away from our due date. Where has the time gone?? 
We did a birthing class weekend seminar this weekend because the summer has been so busy so this was pretty much the only time we could take the class if we were going to at all. We really enjoyed the class, it was smaller, there were only 8 couples and we liked getting it all done in a weekend. All in all the class was insightful and we do feel a bit more prepared for our little man to come join our family. 
We are still working on the settling into the new house, and Jackson's room isn't quite done yet but we have his TEMPORARY bed set up in our room. Yes, we have a crib in his room and all that, but we decided to keep him in our room with us until we develop a consistent schedule. 
We have washed a lot of his clothes, blankets, and bedding and have those folded and put away. His car seat is ready for him, and his Daddy is VERY ready to watch what is left of the Mariner's season, and football with him. :-)
I am still feeling really good. I definitely have times I am more tired and take little naps most days. My bladder is feeling a lot more pressure these days and my belly starts to feel heavy when I am on my feet for a long time. 
Marty gets a kick out of my "pregnancy brain." I have times of being very random, flaky, etc. You might get a blog from him on the topic. A lot of times when I have a "pregnancy brain" moment, he laughs then says, "Oh honey, can you be pregnant forever??" I am glad I can be so entertaining... :-)
Who knows what can happen in these last few weeks, I have decided to not expect anything or assume that he will be here by any certain date or it will drive me crazy!
The picture below is from Uncle Stephen's wedding last weekend so I 35 weeks at that point.

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend, the 22nd and 23rd, Marty was in TWO weddings. Yes, two in the same weekend. Marty's brother, Stephen, got married on Friday the 22nd, and our college buddy, Brady got married on Saturday.We headed down to Eugene for Stephen's wedding on Thursday the 21st, got into town around 3:30 and checked into our hotel where most of Marty's family stayed. Once settled we went and found Marty's Mom and sister to figure out where everyone was. Next we went and found his grandparents who were up from Tulare, CA then his Aunt Wendy and Uncle Doug who were up from Tipton, CA and his Aunt Kate and Uncle Randy who were here from Iowa. The rehearsal dinner was Thursday at 5:00pm so once we arrived at the church we got to see the rest of Marty's siblings as well as his Aunt Libby and Uncle Jeff who were here from Pennsylvania. 
Much to our surprise, we had a lot of hang out time which was such a blessing. We got to have breakfast and lunch together Friday before the wedding, then hang out for a bit after the wedding before we headed back to Portland for our next wedding.
The wedding was beautiful and we are VERY excited for Stephen and Kayleen to start their life together. We got to hang out with them Thursday night in Beaverton with Marty's family before they took off on their road trip to Virginia where they will be living the next few years. 
We left Eugene Friday night around 10:00pm to head back to Portland. The car ride home was probably one of my most "pregnant feeling" times yet. I was beyond exhausted and very uncomfortable. Luckily, we got to sleep in on Saturday because Marty didn't have to be at the wedding in Boring, OR until 1:00. 
We had fun with friends at Brady's wedding on Saturday, the weather wasn't too hot either which we were happy about especially because the wedding was outside!
After the wedding a big group of our friends went to one of our favorite places, The Concordia Ale house, and spent a few hours just hanging out. We had a lot of fun, but ANOTHER late night took a lot out of us! Well worth it though!

I only have a few pictures to share from the weddings. I had to steal a few from Friends' sites. We will be getting copies of all the pictures taken over the weekend soon I am sure so I will try to put up a few family pictures then. :-)

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Welch
Marty, brother Tom, brother/groom Stephen, Stephen's best friend, Adrian
The Crazy groomsmen plus Eric and Mike @ Brady's wedding

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And the madness continues!

Positive madness that is. We have just been so busy!

A few weekends ago we went up to Seattle for a game for Jenny, Marty's youngest sisters birthday. We got her tickets for her birthday back in April and finally went to the game in August. Marty's other sister, Andrea and her boyfriend, Chris came along as did my younger sister, Tasha. Tasha and Jenny are good buddies, it's pretty cool. :-) We left around 11am, packed lunch and snacks and made our way up to Seattle. We did some browsing around as it was a first trip to SafeCo for Jenny, Chris, and Tasha so they all had to buy a Mariner shirt. I wish I had a photo of Jenny and Tasha, they got matching shirts but in different colors, very cute. The Mariners lost, what's new, but Mariner games are ALWAYS fun!

This last weekend we went camping for 2 nights with my family, Thursday-Saturday. It was a lot of fun, an adventure because we had to switch camp spots, but as always, a good time was had! My Dad brought the boat and pulled everyone on the tube, they boys got a fishing trip in, we had good food, good laughs, and some sun.

Sunday was my baby shower. I was nervous that it was going to be another 95+ degree day but thank that Lord it was a little cloudy but still warm. It rained for a little bit AFTER the shower so we were lucky. The baby shower was a success and I so appreciate all the hard work My mom, sister in law Frankie, and Tasha put into the shower. We had been camping so they worked their tails off to pull it off and did an amazing job. I loved seeing people and was truly blessed with gear and cutness for our little man on the way. I can't believe we only have 5.5 weeks left! Time is really flying by!!

This weekend Marty is in 2 weddings so it will be busy again. We are leaving Thursday for Eugene for his brothers wedding. We are excited to spend time with his family as they are a bit more scattered through out the country then mine. We will get to see his grandparents, and some of his aunts and uncles who live out of state. 
Stephen's wedding is Friday, then we have to wake up Saturday and head to Boring, OR where our friend, Brady is getting married. Marty is a groomsman in this wedding as well.
There will be a lot of driving, which is getting more uncomfortable for me these days, but I always manage! 

I have not uploaded photos in forever so maybe someday I will get camping, shower, and Mariner game photos up. :-)

I hope you are all having a wonderful day and enjoying the rain as much as I am! :-)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jackson's room- a work in progress.

We were excited to get this move out of the way because we have been excited to get started on Jackson's room. 

Our Church gave a baby shower on Sunday and presented us with this beautiful crib, we love it! After church my mom painted Jackson's room, then Monday after making sure the paint was dry we set up the crib. (Auntie Tasha helped too)

We LOVE the way the room and crib came together, so far anyway. We still have some work to do on the room, but it's a lot of fun and is an exciting process!

Auntie Tasha and Marty getting started

Almost there...

And here it is!! :-)

A little update...

It's been a BUSY few weeks. We were camping for a week for July then Marty was at creation with the youth. Less then a week after Marty got home we started moving. 

We are pretty much all moved in. We were blessed with a lot of help so the move went very smooth. My brother, sister in law, mom, younger sister, brothers friend, and a youth of ours all pitched in so we were able to move everything in one day.
My brother completely unpacked and organized the kitchen which helped a lot! It especially helped because half our boxes were of kitchen stuff! So thanks for your help Jess!
My Mom was amazing in this move, she helped pack, unpack, paint. She works so hard during the week so we REALLY appreciate her taking a few days out of her weekend to help us out.
The only rooms we have left to complete are the office and Jackson's room, oh and some yard work too... Ok, a lot of yard work! We have A LOT more room now, a yard, nice patio for BBQ's, etc. So this move was well welcomed even though moving isn't my favorite thing in the world by any means!!

We have about 8 weeks until Jackson makes his debut. It's so crazy how fast things have gone. I couldn't have asked for a better pregnancy so far so am very thankful for that! I am starting to have days where I "feel pregnant" and have had several "pregnancy brain" episodes. Luckily my pregnancy brain moments have been more entertaining to people then frustrating. :-)

We have a busy month ahead of us. We have a Mariner game, more frequent Dr appointments, 3 weddings, (Marty is in 2 in the same weekend) my baby shower, birthing classes, and the list goes on!

We hope you are all enjoying your summer!