Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin patch and carving fun!!

Today we made a trip out to Roloff Farms with our good friends, The Bohlmanns. The weather was very good to us and we had a great time!! After the pumpkin patch, a LONG nap, and dinner, we did some fun pumpkin carving as well! Jackson was not afraid to get his hands dirty and much to our surprise he didn't try to eat the seeds. He was putting his spoon into the pumpkin then taking "bites" though. :o) 
We are LOVING holidays and new traditions with our sweet boy and look forward to many more!!

Picking out his pumpkin
Taking a ride in the wagon
Being adorable... What's new right??

Norah enjoyed the pumpkin patch too!
The Bohlmann 3 looking fabulous
The Welch 3
Best Friends and babies
Time to carve some pumpkins!
Such a big boy
So much fun!
His pajamas match his pumpkin
Jackson and his monster

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A few fall photos

We are LOVING the fall weather. After church and a nap today, we went on a little walk and took some fun photos. I can't wait for the leaves to fall just a little more so I can take photos of Jackson in piles of leaves! Fun!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Then and Now

For the last week or so Marty and I have taken several trips down memory lane. We can't believe our sweet boy is one and we feel so blessed to get to be Jackson's Mama and Dada. We feel so incredibly lucky; Jackson has always been an amazing baby, great sleeper, has been very healthy, and is just a happy kid. 

Jackson brings so much joy to our life and makes us laugh everyday. He amazes us every day with how quick he learns things and while we have our moments of missing him being a little baby, we look forward to all that life has to bring our family and watching our boy grow.

Today we had Jackson's 1 year check up and his Dr. was very pleased with his growth and development. He was a bit grumpy because he is getting at least 3 teeth right now but he was still able to show off some of his tricks. He also got 3 shots today, you would think these things get easier as time goes on but I still dread when he has to get shots. 

Here are two more photos, one from the day Jackson was born and one from him at his birthday party. It's amazing/crazy how fast they grow and how much they change. Though, there are still times when I am looking at Jackson and I get glimpses of that hairy little newborn he once was. :0)

Jackson on the day he was born. 9lbs 2oz 21in long.
Jackson now, 24lbs 30 3/4in long.

Jackson's Birthday Party

On Saturday, the 3rd, we had Jackson's birthday party at my parents house in Dayton. The weather was so good to us. It got a little chilly but we build a fire in my Dad's fire pit and it DID NOT rain! Woo hoo! We had a really good turn out even though there were several families who were not able to make it due to illness. Jackson was a trooper and all in all it was a fabulous day!

Jackson's own pirate cake to dig into

The Birthday boy!
He sat through opening all his gifts, what a good boy!

Happy Boy!

Jackson's (real) Birthday

Marty had Jackson's birthday off of work so we were able to have an incredibly fun day together celebrating Jackson's birthday. We got up and had breakfast, let Jackson open a few presents, then headed out the the Children's museum. Jackson LOVED exploring and playing with new things at the Children's museum and I am sure we will be making many more trips! After we were done at the Children's museum we had a birthday lunch at Red Robin then headed home for nap time. 
A few of our friends were not going to be able to make it to Jackson's birthday party Saturday so they came over in the evening to have cupcakes and watch Jackson open a few more gifts. He is one loved little man! We are so blessed!
Jackson played with his cupcake more then he ate it but still made a mess. :o) After getting a good scrub down in the bath Jackson was more then ready for bed, he had a long busy but wonderful day!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jackson Paul!!

We can't believe it, our boy is 1! We have had a fabulous day and when things calm down after Jackson's party this weekend, we will have a blog with photos of our day today and of his birthday party. For now here are photos of Jackson right after he was born on October 1st at 10:03pm and from tonight at 10:03pm. There is also a random photo from earlier today of our cute one year old at the bottom. Man, we love our baby sooooooo much!

Some of our first moments together
Jackson after his first bath
Tonight at 10:03pm. Sweetly sleeping.
Earlier today at the Children's Museum