Sunday, May 31, 2009

2nd hair cut

Jackson had his 2nd haircut last week. Here is a before and after shot. If you look by his right eye you will also see his first boo boo. He fell against one of his blocks and had a little shiner. 

Amazing weekend @ the Beach!

We were blessed to be able to spend a long weekend at the beach this past weekend with my family. 
This wasn't Jackson's first time to the beach but it was his first time ON the beach. He loved playing in the sand and much to out surprise, he didn't try to eat it. He did eat his toys that had sand on them though... He also liked the FREEZING Ocean water. We only let him put his feet in and I thought he wouldn't like it at all but he still wanted to splash and grab the water. 
We had a wonderful time eating, laughing, watching the kiddos play, visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and hanging out on the beach or at the beach house. 
We took SOOOO many photos so here are a few. If you are interested in seeing more you can visit my facebook page. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Videos of Jackson in the water

Playing in the pool

Today we took Jackson to the pool. He absolutely LOVES bath time so we were pretty sure he would enjoy the pool as well. He LOVED it! He kicked his feet, splashed, and had a great time! 
Here are a few photos and I will try to put up a video tomorrow...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Once again, we had a very busy weekend, but it was a good one! Saturday we had my sister, Lacey's baby shower. Baby Taylor is due at the end of June. We can't wait to meet her! The sun came out for the shower, Lacey's, Bryan, and Taylor got some great gifts, and we had a great time!

This year was my first Mother's day with Jackson outer-utero. ;-) I had an absolutely perfect day! Jackson slept in later then usual so we were actually late to church, oops! After church Marty, Jackson, and I went and had lunch together then went home where my sweet boys spoiled me with presents. After presents I fed Jackson and then we fell asleep on the couch, it was wonderful! Late afternoon we headed to my parents house where we had a big BBQ with the fam. I love when all of the cousins get together. They love each other so much!

My little man and I with the presents from him and Daddy
Again, me and my buddy.
Happy lil Haydee Bug
Buddies Jackson and Ronnie
Mima and Papa with the grandkids. You can even see Taylor in the background in Lacey's tummy! :-)
Lacey and Taylor
This was Monday night at Burgerville. Oh the things we do to make our kids laugh...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catching up

Whew... It's been awhile! A lot has probably changed since the last time I really sat down and blogged so... Here we go..

We moved back to Wilsonville the last weekend in April. It needed to happen mainly because being a half an hour away from the church/Marty's job was getting pretty hard on us. Between the commute, random events, long days, etc. Jackson and I were missing him a lot. There would be one week a month that Marty pretty much wasn't seeing Jackson from about 5:00pm on Sunday until he got off of work on Tuesday because of work, youth group, and meetings. This was just not ok so we made the decision to move back and it has been great. Jackson and I get 4 more hours a week with Daddy if you only eliminate what he was commuting. So if we were to add up all the other randomness, it's clearly a move well worth moving. He leaves later in the morning, can come home for lunch, between events, and gets home earlier now. It's so wonderful!
The move went pretty good, moving is stressful and I felt much more unorganized this move, but we are here and life is good so oh well! Thanks to everyone who helped! :-)

Jackson is 7 months old now... What!? He is such a fun little man, we absolutely love his personality. He keeps us entertained for sure. He has two (bottom) teeth now, is finally liking solid foods (especially bananas, peas, and carrots), and thankfully still sleeping like an angel. I was a little nervous that the move might mess him up but so far so good. 
Jackson LOVES to swing! We now live a 4 minute walk away from two different parks so when it's nice we stroll off to the park to swing and play! My Mom and Dad also have a baby swing up at their house that Jackson loves.
Jackson rolls ALL OVER the place, he isn't crawling or even scooting much. He can, I have seen him do it a number of ways, but he really doesn't care that much. I am in no rush though. I keep telling him to stop growing up, so maybe he is just listening to his Mama! :-)
We are so blessed with this little man of ours, he's laid back, very healthy, and is a happy kid. Thank you, Lord!

We have managed to stay pretty busy. What's new, right? We moved last weekend in April, had my Dad's 50th birthday party last weekend, and have a baby shower this weekend for my sister. We have a going away bbq for a friend next weekend then are STAYING HOME. Marty has a retreat this month as well. It never ends! :-)

Anyway, I have rambled long enough. Here are some photos of the last few weeks.

At the park last week, there were a ton of kids and Jackson couldn't get enough. He loves to watch other kids.
Our handsome boy
Still loves bath time!
What the look about Mr. Jack Man?? 
One night we were out way too late and Jackson was not very happy in the car so I kept handing him toys from my bag. None of them kept him quiet for more then a minute until I found this...
Exploring the sand. MUCH to our surprise, he didn't try to taste it. YET
Loving life... And swinging
A pretty cool dude!
Yay, more swinging!