Friday, February 19, 2010


We have been blessed with some sun this week so we try to get out as much as possible! It still isn't "warm" but we will take it! Jackson LOVES LOVES LOVES being outside!

Valentine cookie making at Mima's

Little Sicky

Well, we made it 16.5 months without illness then were hit with an ear infection and pneumonia on top of teething last week. Poor Jackson was the most miserable we have ever seen him. He was out of it for a good week but is finally back to 100% thankfully. 
When we was sick I made him a comfy spot to be cozy on and we would read, watch videos, or just snuggle. While I loved the extra snuggling, I love having my silly happy boy back to normal.

Jackson LOVES his blankies. He hold them right up to his face to cuddle them and also holds them in his hand and rubs the fabric between his fingers. It's so cute!

Happy Kid!
Snack break at the park
Such a ham!
This is what Jackson does when we ask him to be patient. :o)