Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jackson update

Our sweet boy is 9 months old now. Insane! Time flies so quick when you have a baby!

Today we had Jackson's 9 month check up. He is 21lbs 10 oz  and 29 1/4 long. Dr. Corso, his pediatrician, was very pleased with his development and growth which makes us feel like we must be doing something right... :-)

We are having so much fun being Jackson's parents and enjoying watching him learn and grow. Jackson crawls, pulls himself up, gives high fives, claps, waves, gives very slobbery kisses, and almost always has a smile to offer. 

Since he has been more on the go he has got hurt here and there. In one day, he bonked his head pretty good on one of the DVD shelves, bit his lip resulting in a fat lip, and closed his finger in a drawer... He did get to have a Popsicle after biting his lip though so some good came of it. ;-)

We are leaving Sunday to go on our annual camping trip to Loon Lake. We are so excited to take Jackson on his first camping trip! He loves the outdoors so we have a good feeling he will love it but I am wondering how he will sleep in a tent, and nap with so much going on. We will find out! :-)
4th of July... I may have already posted this one
He has been doing this shy/flirty head tilt a lot lately.
Good Morning! He always wakes up in a wonderful mood.
Fat lip, poor baby! But he did LOVE the popsicle!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. To celebrate the 4th we had our annual pool party/bbq at my parents house. There have been 3 babies born since last 4th of July. It's so fun to get all the cousins together. I must say, our family makes some of  THE cutest babies! We ended the evening watching fireworks. Jackson didn't seem to mind the fireworks. He actually started to fall asleep so we brought him in the put him to bed. Here are a few photos of our fun Holiday! 
Sweet baby Taylor! 2.5 weeks old
Ronnie and Jackson hanging out in the little pool. They both LOVE the big pool too!
Our water baby
Falling asleep during fireworks
Uncle Marty showed James how to write his name in sparkler
Sweet Haydee bug!
Our little family of 3
Happy and CUTE boy!