Saturday, February 23, 2008

Big Engagement weekend

This last weekend, the 15th and 16th, some of our best friends and Marty's younger brother all got engaged. 

Friday, Marty's best friend Eric proposed to his girlfriend and our good friend, Charlotte. Marty and I knew it was coming and were with Eric when he got the ring. Because Char and I are so close, it was hard to keep a secret, but I did! Marty and I were probably as close as you can be to being AS excited as the couple getting engaged because of how close we are. When we were all still at Concordia the four of us hung out all the time. None of us were dating  at the time and Char and I had no clue that these boys ever had crushes on us. Then after 4 years of amazing friendship, Marty and I start dating, a little while later, Eric and Char started dating, Marty and I got engaged and married, and now Eric and Char are engaged and will be getting married in October. We are so excited for Eric and Char and love them to pieces! 

On Saturday, the 16th, Marty's family and Kayleen's family all met up at the airport to welcome Stephen, Marty's brother, home. Stephen had been in the middle east with the Navy. We had not seen him since our wedding in June. We were not JUST going to welcome him home, but we knew he was going to be proposing to Kayleen and he wanted us all there. The proposal was very sweet! I don't have actual photos of the engagement but am hoping to get them from Marty's mom so for a now a different picture of the cute couple will have to do. Stephen and Kayleen are getting married on August 22nd

Later on in the evening of the 16th, our college friend Brady proposed to his girlfriend Kaylyn. He had some of Kaylyn's friends set the scene in a park with candles. After dinner and a walk leading to the candle lit place, Brady popped the question.  I stole a photo of the night he proposed. :-) We are very happy for the both of them and are looking forward to getting to know Brady's future wife, Kaylyn, more over this special time! Kaylyn and Brady are also getting married in August!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Baby Story Begins...

It was January 19th, 2008 and I was in for news that would dramatically change the course of this year for Anna and me-- we discovered that before the year would be out we'd not only be husband and wife, but mom and dad...

We spent the previous Saturday evening with our close friends Eric, Char, Peter and Cara over a hearty meal, car-crashing video games, and good conversation. After catching up with another small group of friends for a festive evening of karaoke Anna and I were more than ready for a more calming conclusion to our evening.

As it goes we settled into the living room in our Wilsonville apartment only to have Anna suggest I jump back out and grab a few necessary groceries and a movie to rent. Because I do everything my wife tells me--and I was in a movie-watching mood myself-- I dodged back out the door.

I came in the door and in usual fashion unloaded the contents of my pockets onto the counter top and side-stepped to quickly throw my jacket into our bedroom that enters out into the living room. As I backed out into the living room I caught caught sight of our bed, it having been made to intentionally catch my attention. Upon Anna's suggestion to take a closer look at the bed I stepped through the doorway and flipped on the light. It didn't take me long at all in surveying the room to take notice, laying flat on my side of the bed, the tiny Green Bay Packers jersey Anna's friends Sarah gave her for a possible "future necessity" after our wedding. (For the record, our babies will live forever in conflict between my team, the Seahawks and Anna's, the Packers--so if anyone has seen a Seahawks onesie I'm in need of one). I thought it was an odd thing for me to need to take notice of, seeing as I had known she received it as a gift and made several jokes about not allowing a baby of mine to ever have to wear it, but what she wanted me to recognize was the piece of plastic atop it--a pregnancy test.

I knew in my gut that there's be no other reason to create such a presentation than what was confirmed in two parallel lines--Anna is pregnant! We took some time to revel in the moment and made attempts at wrapping our minds around how our lives would soon be changing.

That's one little doodle that can't be undid. (Go see 'Juno' if you aren't familiar with this quote)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bun in the oven

Hey All!

For those of you who have not heard yet, we are going to have a baby sometime in September. While this pregnancy wasn't planned, we both believe 100% that God is in control and has a plan for us. That being said, we are excited about the adventure ahead of us. 

I have been doing pretty well although I have spent a lot of the last week or so feeling pretty sick but today has been a lot better. Marty is doing a FANTASTIC job of taking care of me and doing whatever he can to make feeling so sick a lot easier. On top of doing an amazing job of taking care of me, he is VERY excited about becoming a Daddy. I am confident that he is going to be a wonderful Daddy to this little bun in the oven!

All for now, but be on the look out for a blog from Marty's journal about the night we found out.

Love to all.