Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We were SO late on getting our tree this year, we have just been so busy! We still had a great time decorating though. Jackson and Daddy did most of the decorating since Mommy was moving slow while recovering from her surgery.

Time for the star!

Funny boy!

Daddy and Jackson smelling the Christmas tree

Random December fun

December has been a pretty busy month but very fun and about to get even more fun! We love the holidays, traditions, birthdays, etc. Anna's family has 5 December birthday so there is A LOT to celebrate. Here are a few photos of some our December fun so far. I have been WAY worse about taking photos, I must be more focused on chasing a toddler or something... ;o)

Jackson with Ravioli on his head. Silly boy.

Ronnie and Jack enjoying Ronnie's birthday cake. Ronnie turned 2 on December 11th

The Birthday boy!

Yummy candy cane

A new game Jackson made up for him and Daddy to play.

Jackson did a craft with Lacee and he REALLY wanted to taste the paint.

Mint Oreo milkshake! Yum!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who dresses this child!? :o)

We were visiting Mima and Papa Sunday and Jackson took a bath right before we left. It was COLD so we had to be creative to keep him warm on our way home. :o)

Zoo Lights

Last Friday Auntie Jenny used her zoo pass to get us all into Zoo Lights! We had so much fun!

Excited about zoo lights

The Leopard came out to say hello. We also got to see the Elephants, fish, Monkeys, etc.

Jackson checking out the gingerbread house.

Auntie Jenny and Jackson


Yum Yum!

End of November

The end of November got busy with the Holiday and what not. So here are a few "catch up" photos. I didn't take ANY photos with my camera on Thanksgiving! That is a first, for sure. I took some with my Mom's camera so I will have to get the copies from her.

Haydee bug with her two cute pony tails

Jackson and Aziza making a mess, but having so much fun. :o)

Sweet lil Aliya! So cute!

Mega Block fun

Flying his Green Bay Packer airplane. (Thank you Aunt Kathy and Uncle Pete, he LOVES it!)

On Nov. 21 we  had our annual "Friends Thanksgiving." Jackson enjoyed feeding the cows.

The boys checking in on the Duck Game

Char and Anna

Our cute babies in their buddie PJ's. Jackson, Norah, and Reid.