Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bumpin' Bellies

Or as Marty says, "A baby bump and a beer bump." Somehow I have managed to still be down a few pounds from pre-pregnancy yet still have a belly. Not to worry though, Dr. says we are both very healthy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a really good weekend, it was pretty busy, but a lot of fun.

Friday night My mom, Sister Sarah, Sister Tasha, Niece Kayla, and I all stayed the night with my sister in law, Frankie and the two cutest nephews in the world, James and Ronnie. My brother Jesse, and Marty stayed in Dayton with my Dad. 
My mom thought we were staying at Jesse and Frankie's house to get an earlier start for a day at OMSI while the boys would go shooting but really, my Dad was having a brand new bedroom set delivered and wanted her away so he could surprise her. 
The furniture was originally supposed to be delivered like 3 weeks ago but it got delayed so we had to have something for her to do the last 3 weekends and finally this weekend we pulled it off. 
So, the girls and little boys started Saturday by having lunch at Red Robin then we went to OMSI, had a blast, and made our way back to Dayton to surprise Mom. All through the day Marty or my Dad would give me updates or Jesse would update Frankie and we would time going back to Dayton accordingly. 
Finally, we got back to Dayton around 5 or 6, Mom was surprised and SOOOO excited and we were all relieved that it was over and we didn't have to "fib" anymore!
That night we had a wonderful BBQ dinner, anyone who knows my family knows that we know how to BBQ and NO ONE goes hungry, it's always such an amazing dinner!

Marty and I came back Sat night because we had church Sunday. After church we headed to Hollywood Bowl to hang out with a small group of  friends including our friend Susie who was here from CA. After bowling we went to Saint Cupcake downtown- AMAZING, then were off to Beaverton to stay the night with Marty's family. They thought the family dog was going to have to be put to sleep because he suddenly got sick, so Andrea came home from college, and we went and stayed the night so they could see the dog, but he got a lot better and looks like he will be around for a little longer. We were also in town for Marty's mom's birthday. So Sunday night we had pizza then played phase 10 which is ALWAYS entertaining as the game drags on and on and on. We seriously laugh so hard during these games, it's great. 

The next day we went to Washington square, did some browsing, then went to Red Robin for Marty's mom's birthday lunch. Next we headed back to the house and hung out for bit, took a few belly photos then went home around 7 and were SOOOOOOO TIRED.

Last night was really nice, winding down from the weekend. We cleaned house a bit, watched a Law and Order: SVU episode then went to bed, my body was super sore but the craziness of the weekend, so my most amazing hubby gave me the best massage ever. After my massage I thought I could sleep and sleep well but a certain little man was doing ALL SORTS of moving around, so we enjoyed the moment, Marty read Jack a story, and FINALLY around 12:30 we went to sleep!

Oh, everyone keeps asking for belly shots, we finally took a few so I will try to put them up in the next few days.

Long weekend, longer blog, but so wonderful!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jackson at 20 weeks

Here is a photo of our cute little boy at 20 weeks. He is 1 pound already and is perfectly healthy! This ultrasound was so different then the one at 17 weeks, at 17 weeks we went and they were basically looking for the gender then at this ultrasound which was at our Dr. office, was way more thorough. They were looking at all of his organs and overall development to make sure they are developing right. We loved hearing that everything was just how it should be. Our Dr. who we LOVE told us that women who have a "normal" ultrasound at 20 weeks have less then a 1% chance of having a baby with any sort of defects.

Oh, we also got a VERY clear shot confirming that he is a boy. We were not doubting he was a boy after our last ultrasound but it was good to get a nice clear shot, I don't mind the conformation at all. :-) While we are excited to meet our little Jack man, I am enjoying having him inside me for now. :-)

I hope you all got to enjoy the AMAZING sunshine today! 

Here is a photo of our little stud.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Halfway there...

Well, our little man is officially halfway cooked, we are pretty excited. I am just now starting to get a little baby belly, I can feel him move every so often, and am feeling really good. 

We have not officially set a name yet but are as close as you can get. We both like the names Jackson and Owen, but are leaning more toward Jackson. I have always loved "Jack" and Marty thinks the name Jackson Welch sounds like a good baseball player name. :-) Don't be surprised if that's his name. The ONLY reason we have not set the name yet is because of me, I have this fear that we are going to set it and 2 weeks later I will hate it. But we have already called him "baby Jack" several times. I am weird, I know. His middle name will be Paul after Marty's late father.

I have not really had any weird cravings. The most consistent cravings I have had is for fresh fruit, and salads. Like really good chef salads, yum. Makes me want to eat one RIGHT NOW. The most recent craving has been Lemonade. I have never really preferred lemonade but randomly the other day I had to have it, so we were grocery shopping and picked up some simply lemonade. AMAZING. So I have started combining my fresh fruit and lemonade cravings and have had Strawberry or Raspberry lemonade smoothies several times this week. (Mainly strawberry though)

We have our official 20 week ultrasound on Wednesday. The one we had 3 weeks ago was done at this place a friend told us about called Fetal Fotos. We got to have a video made, see our little man and find out what we were having sooner. :-) So we are excited to see how he has changed in the past few weeks. I know I feel like he has grown quite a bit!

We will, of course, put up pictures Wednesday after our ultrasound. 

I hope all of you Mothers have a fabulous Mothers day tomorrow!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A worthwhile cause...

Hey All,

I have recently reconnected with a friend of mine from JR High and through catching up have been touched by the story of her oldest daughter, Mary. 

When Mary was between 12 and 15 months old she was behind on her shots so they took the advice of their doctor, and decided to catch her up. Basically, Mary was given too many shots at once, and in Rachel's words, "A week later the lights went out." Mary stopped talking and just kind of went blank. Mary hasn't been medically diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder yet but has an educational analysis of it. I am posting a link to Mary's chipin page where you can read her story, what they are doing for treatment, and you can donate to help Rachel's family with the expenses. I encourage you to take a look at the page if you get a chance because it will give you a much better idea of what this family is dealing then I can give. 

Rachel has another daughter, Leah, and is due to have baby #3 in early August.