Monday, July 21, 2008

Another nephew or niece on the way!

Marty and I called home from our camping trip in the middle of the week and were very excited to hear that we would be having a new nephew or niece come March!

My sister in law, Frankie and brother, Jesse are expecting their third baby. Currently they have the two cutest nephews a girl could ask for! James is 4 and Ronnie is 7 months. We also have a 10 year old niece, Kayla, who is my older sister Sarah's daughter. 

We don't have any nephews or nieces on Marty's side, yet. I am sure there will be a whole swarm of kiddos one day!

Frankie had a dream that she had twin girls and twins run in our family big time so we will see what happens when she has her first appointment in August! 

Loon Lake Love

Every summer I go on a week long camping trip to an amazing place called Loon Lake, it's my favorite place on earth. We have a huge group of at least 30 every year. I was extremely curious as to how this trip would be, being 3o weeks prego and all. As always, it was amazing and went by way too fast!

Our days consist of sleeping in until anywhere between 8:30 and about 10:30, having breakfast and enjoying a morning campfire, packing a cooler with lunch and drinks then heading to the lake. When I say head to the lake I mean walk from our camp spot to the lake which is MAYBE a 3 minute walk. At the lake we have a wide range of activities from a game called hang em high, to soaking up the sun floating on the water, reading, eating, and laughing A LOT. We also make frequent trips out on the boat tuning, wake boarding, skiing, etc. Between everyone in the group we usually have 2 boats so there is always an opportunity to do whatever. 
We head back up to camp around 5:30 or 6, shower, then have dinner. A group of 2 couples or so usually cook 1 meal on one night, then another group cooks the next so we are only responsible for preparing for dinner one night. Our group knows how to eat too! 
The rest of the night is spent around the campfire making smores, laughing harder then we do all year, playing games, etc. There is seriously nothing like it!

I usually have a TON of photos but the last few years we have all taken half the pictures we usually do then just share what we have, so I really only took photos of one of our boat trips, then a few of some of the kiddos so I will share a few and perhaps post more when as I get them. 

All 4 pictures are from a tubing trip and yes, I went tubing too! Much more low key then I am used to. Our fried Travis was driving and was so nervous to pull me which is totally understandable. I rode sitting in the tube which is not my usual style but I HAD to go somehow! My best friend Lacee and I became legend tubers on the lake years back. I would be on my tummy and she would ride on my back,  yes on the same tube. It was something you had to see to believe, haha. When we would finally crash, we would crash hard, have bruises, be sore the next day and swear it was our last ride, then do it all again the next day. We have not done that in two years, so maybe next year. Marty is amazing, I get nervous watching him because he crashes hard, rolls the tube and manages to stay on, etc. 

Only 11 months or so until we go again! Next year with our little man, Jackson!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello 3rd trimester!

We are officially into the 3rd trimester and I was fully expecting to be huge, uncomfortable, and ready to be done by now but I am pretty much the opposite. I'm not that big for being almost 29 weeks, am comfortable for the most part, and am enjoying this pregnancy a lot.
We went to the Doctor and had another ultrasound today and Jackson is apparently 3lbs 1oz and is perfect! I am attaching a few of the photos we got, the first is of his profile and the other two are are of his face. I always think the ones of the face are a little creepy looking but they are pretty cool too. :-)

We leave for our big camping trip Sunday and will be gone until the following Sunday. This is one of the trips we look forward to all year long, we have a big group that goes and always have such a wonderful time!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time is flying...

I can't believe it's July already! Time has just been flying by and is only going to start going by faster, well in July anyway. 

Last week was a busy one for Marty. He had VBS the week before so was CRAZY BUSY all week, he would go to work between 8 and 9, maybe come home for lunch if he had time, come home around 4:30 to (hopefully) have dinner, then was back to church for VBS until 8:30 or 9:00. By the time he would be home for good, he would be exhausted. I am so proud of him though, he loves his job and is so great at it. The kids love him, heck, everyone loves him. :-)

One of my best friends, Jyndia, moved back to Portland last Wednesday after living in NY for a year then being in Europe for a month or so. I am so excited to have her back as I have missed her so much. I hung out with Jyndia all of Thursday, we ran around Portland, one of our favorite things to do, then went to lunch at Aladdin's a Lebanese food place, sooooo good. I got home late then Marty and I spent a much needed day together Friday then Jyndia stayed with us for the weekend. Saturday was HOT so we spent hours out in the pool here at the apartments. It was AMAZING and so relaxing! Saturday night we had a young adult BBQ and were all EXHAUSTED by the end of the day, another late night. Sunday we went to church then had the big VBS BBQ after. We headed up to Yacolt around 5 to BBQ, again, with a group of friends. It was pretty wonderful.

Yesterday was a day of recovery. Marty still had to work, but I just cleaned the house and relaxed. Marty's mom brought over Jenny and Tasha (Marty's baby sister and my baby sister) to swim. It was nice to get to visit and catch up with her while the girls enjoyed the sunshine and the pool.

Things are only going to get busier. We have 4 or 5 weddings between now and the end of Aug. (Marty is in 2 in the SAME weekend) We leave the 13th for our big camping trip with friends and will be gone until the 20th, Marty leave the 21st for Creation then I might join the group Wednesday through the 27th. We are moving between the 28th and 30th then things will settle down a little bit for a few weeks. We have 2 baby showers in Aug, the main one is the 17th which is a Sunday so mark your calendars!!

Alright, all for now. Enjoy the Sun!