Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We had an ultrasound today and found out we are going to have a little boy!! We are surprised but excited. Everyone except Anna's Dad and our friend Carol thought we were having a girl.

We have another ultrasound on May 14th, the one we had today is one we went and had done for fun and because this place makes a fun video, we got to pick the music, and we got to find out a little earlier what we were having. It was hard to get a super clear shot because he had is legs crossed really well but the ultrasound tech was still positive that he was in fact a boy. Maybe we will get a clearer shot at the ultrasound in May?

We will post pictures as soon as we get them scanned. Probably tomorrow, I am TIRED today!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow in April!?!?

Yesterday Marty, our friend Eric, and I went to a youth ministry seminar in Beaverton. We were sitting in the sanctuary of the church it was at, and the speaker was closing in prayer. When he was done he looked up and says, "It's snowing and it's so beautiful!"  It wasn't just snowing a little bit, it was all over the cars and parking lot and was really coming down. Most people got really excited but I was thinking, "What the heck??"

After the seminar we were going to go to a Softball tournament that Rachael, my friend Jami's daughter was playing in so we called as we were leaving and at that point the tournament was still going, so we drove over to the PCC Rock Creek Campus and right as we get there they cancel the tournament. We were laughing about the whole thing because it was so ironic that a softball tourney was being cancelled because of snow in the middle of April. I played softball for 9 years and this NEVER happened! Anyway, right as we get back on to HWY 26 to head home the sun came back out and it went from 36 degrees to about 40 degrees. What is going on in Oregon!? Kind of funny, but weird.

Anyway, Our ultrasound is Wednesday the 23rd, not Monday the 21st. It got changed so wanted to let you all know why you wouldn't hear what we were having on Monday. :-) We are so excited and can't wait to know if we are having a boy or girl! You will hear from us again in a few days! 

Enjoy the CRAZY weather!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boy or girl!?!?

Not a lot to update on right now. We have a Dr appointment on Thursday then we are having an ultrasound on Monday the 19th. Hopefully we will be able to find out if we will be having a little boy or girl.. Any guesses??
I have had SO MANY dreams about having a girl, it's kind of weird. I don't necessarily believe that is what we are having but am curious if my vibes, dreams, etc. mean anything. I have not had any boy dreams, early on I had a dream that I was having twin boys but ultrasound ruled out the possibility of two...

I am feeling really good, finally. I crave salad and fresh fruit all the time!! I think we have a health nut growing inside of me. The way pregnancy has changed my taste in food is still so crazy to me. I have always been a meat and potatoes girl, but the last 6 weeks or so, I can't eat red meat, it makes me sick. I am hoping this passes, BBQ season is here and it will be sad if I can't have a good steak or homemade hamburger!

We will post ultrasound photos and let you all know what we are having AS SOON AS WE CAN!! Were excited!!

Love to all!