Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a busy but wonderful Easter. Marty and I were talking on our way from one gathering to another and agreed that Holidays have been so wonderful as a family of 3! We are very blessed!

We went to church at our church in Wilsonville, my Mom and youngest sister joined us. Our church service and message was soooo good. After church we went back to Dayton, got our food contributions and headed out to my Aunts house where we have Easter every year. As always, great food and great family time. 
After dinner we headed to Marty's family's house for desert and to celebrate Auntie Jenny's 13th birthday.  We had a great time hanging out and eating WAY too many sweets. :-)
Jackson went all day with only two short naps in the car and was so good. We are so fortunate to have such an easy going kid. Jackson loved watching the dogs at Marty's family's house. Uncle Tom brought his chocolate lab, Porter who loved to sniff and lick Jackson.

Here are a few photos of our weekend. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Jackson with his Easter baskets from Mommy and Daddy, and Mima and Papa
New favorite toy
Yay! A new guitar!
Auntie Lacey, Uncle Bryan, and baby Taylor
Two of the cutest boys in the world!
Our little family

Thursday, April 9, 2009

6 months old

As I say with every month blog, I can't believe Jackson is 6 months old! He is growing way too fast but is sooooo much fun.  We decided to celebrate Jackson's half birthday by going  to Barnes and Noble to read some books then Jackson got to pick a few new ones out. Marty is SO proud that he seems to love books. 

We had Jackson's 6 month check up on Friday. He weighs 19lbs and is 28in long. He has more then doubled his birth weight now and my back definitely feels it! Jackson's Dr was very pleased with his growth especially since he had never had formula or cereal. She also commented on his overall development which makes us feel like we must be doing something right! :-)
Following his check up, Jackson had 4 shots again which are never fun for Mama but he did great! We started Jackson on Rice Cereal Friday evening as well. The very first bite he opened his mouth right up and seemed to like it. A few days later we were busy and I didn't have time to pump so I made it with water. He wasn't as much of a fan and was spitting it out. It made quite a mess!

Jackson is moving around quite a bit. I used to be able to lay him on the floor with toys while I did dishes or something else but now when I leave the room for even a few seconds he is almost across the room by the time I come back in. He isn't crawling but he rolls all over and will sometimes scoot on his back.

I'm thinking his teeth must be moving or trying to. He has had some moments of just not being himself. He will start to make this whiny sound and just look out of it. It's so sad. 

Here are a few photos of our little stud muffin.

Jackson ready to go out on his half birthday date with Mama and Dada
Reading with Dada. He has to touch and pat EVERY page.
First time having Rice Cereal. He would laugh almost every time we put the spoon in his mouth. Apparently it was pretty funny.
Clearly enjoying himself
Jackson loves to be outside and especially loves to swing.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

First hair trim

I finally came to grips with the fact that we needed to trim Jackson's hair. It was always in his eyes. So, we decided to trim it up a little. 
A week before... And in his eyes
It was long in the back too
No turning back

My handsome boys
We survived
He can see again. And we can see those beautiful blue eyes again!

California Love

Over spring break we took a trip down to California to see Marty's Grandparents as well as his Aunt and Uncle/cousins. The trip was a shorter one, but a wonderful one! Jackson got to meet his Great-Grandparents which was really exciting for all of us. We had such an awesome time hanging out with family and can't wait to go again! 

There are a lot of photos...

Four generations

Great-Grandma Gwen and Great-Grandpa Tom
Playing in the cottonseed

Adventuring on the dairy
Aunt Wendy teaching Jackson to drive
Also learning to play the drums

Marty and his Grandpa
Jackson reading with Great-Grandma