Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A bit of November

November flew by didn't it? Here is a random selection of photos from this month.

Jack and Brecken. They seriously have to hold hands anytime we go ANYWHERE. Pretty darn cute.

Jackson's great Aunt Kathy sent him an awesome Green Bay Packers bean bag in the mail for his birthday. Jackson LOVES it and also loves the box it came in. It is seriously still in out house as I type this. Daddy made part of the cardboard into a street for Jackson's cars. So fun.

So I am the QUEEN of swaddling, and Jack was totally a baby who LOVED to be swaddled. We were playing around one day and decided to see how he would react to being "swaddled." Well, he loved it, so cute.

Here are a bunch of random fall photos of Jack and Brecken. (I am pretty sure I have mentioned Brecken on here before, she is our friends little girl and we take care of her during the week. He and Jack are buddies.)

Just like Mama, loves a good burrito!

Jack loves to pretend that he is asleep.

I took some family photos for our friends, The Wilsons, great looking family!

Halloween 2010

Jack randomly started to love Monsters this fall so of course, he had to be a Monster for Halloween. We started off our day making Halloween cookies with Mima then after nap time we headed to Zoo Boo at the Zoo where we met up with our good friends Cody, Anna, and Reid. The boys looked so cute especially together. Before leaving the Zoo we went on a short train ride. Next we headed over to the Lail's house for dinner and then we took the boys out to trick-or-treat. They did really well and had so much fun! After trick-or-treating we went BACK to the Lail's house to put the boys to bed, watch movies, and eat way too much junk.

The cutest Monster ever.

Trick or treat!

Who knew an air mattress could provide so much entertainment?? And don't the boys look adorable in their skeleton jammies?

The gang after trick-or-treating

Trips to the Pumpkin patch!

We made two trips to the pumpkin patch in October and had so much fun. Jack is at such a fun age and has really started to appreciate holiday adventures. We took one trip with our friends, the Wilson family, and another trip with the Bohlmann family. So much fun!

Jack loved petting the animals

Jack and Brecken at Lee Farms

One of Jack's favorite parts of the day

Not so sure about the baby chicken

This particular pumpkin patch had a giant bounce pillow that Jack would not stop talking about. He had fun going "boom" with Daddy.

2nd trip with the Bohlmann Family

Corn maze

Norah escaping photo time

Jack picked a perfect pumpkin

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Every year since Marty and I have been married, we have sent out Christmas cards. Our first year they went out two weeks before Christmas, the next year about a week before Christmas, last year about half of them got sent out after Christmas. OOPS. This year WILL BE different. I hope. :o)

My cousin told me about Shutterfly offering 50 free Christmas Cards and I decided to check it out. We usually do the main card through Costco, and Marty creates a photo letter of sorts that tells about what we have been up to this past year. It's quite the process and is probably why the cards go out later every year. After looking at some of cards that Shutterfly has to offer, we decided that we could bring both ideas together and just create ONE card to send out. Here are a few links to some of the great (and very affordable) products Shutterfly has to offer.

Christmas cards with FABULOUS layouts:

Calendars- GREAT gift ideas, especially for family far away and/or Grandparents:

Canvas wall art, also a great gift idea:

Well there you have it, I am excited to get my 50 free photo cards and send them out! Here is where you can score free photo cards: Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beautiful fall days

We have been having some beautiful fall weather. The last few days as we take trips to the park, we have tried to get some updated photos of Jack. We managed to get a few great shots and hope to take more in the leaves!
He always has to point out the airplanes

Mama's favorite

Jack's Tonka Truck party

Jackson loves anything with wheels, he is such a boy. We decided to have a Tonka truck party this year at Mima and Papa's house. They have a huge back yard and the first weekend in October tends to be pretty decent weather wise. Papa made Jack and his family/friends a dig pit in the yard so we brought out all of the sand toys, trucks, shovels, etc.
We had such a great time celebrating our little man with some of the people closest to us. He is definitely a loved little boy!
The cupcakes

Opening presents

Silly cousins!

Showing Uncle Stephen around the dig pit

Jackson's Grandma made him this cake. It turned out so cute and tasted quite delightful as well!