Wednesday, March 10, 2010

California trip

A few weeks ago we made an impromptu trip to California to celebrate the amazing life of Marty's Grandpa. We left on a Wednesday night and returned the next Sunday. It was absolutely amazing being with family during this time. We feel so incredibly blessed that Jackson got to meet his Great Grandpa last March when we were down there. He was truly an amazing man and made such an impact on so many lives. I know Marty really looked up to him and though he will be very missed, we know he is in a much better place and that we WILL  meet again. It was also such a blessing to get to spend some time with Marty's Grandma, she is one of the most amazing and beautiful women I have ever met. We really hope we can make another trip in the near future so we can spend some more quality time with her and other family in the area. 
Jackson absolutely loved the dairy. He is SUCH a boy and loves to explore, it's so much fun. Little boys are the best. I just can't get enough.
Jackson did great on the car rides. He slept most of the way down and only slept about an hour on our way back. Considering his lack of sleep on out way home I think he did amazing. 
Here are a few photos from our trip. I didn't take near enough, we were too busy enjoying family and often forgetting our camera. oops!

Taking it all in

Giving his Night Night loves to Grandma

Hanging out with Great Uncle Rob

Having fun with Uncle Stephen

Making some new friends

Checking out one of the newborns

The infamous Cottonseed

Welch boys and Cottonseed go together quite nicely

Exploring like the boy he is! I love it!

Marty and his brothers and cousin after a 34ish mile bike ride

Jackson loved is first In and Out burger

Playing us some tunes in the car