Friday, July 2, 2010

Big boy bed

One night we folded out Jack's Thomas couch and randomly put him to bed on it just to see what he would do. He fell right asleep and stayed there until I moved him because he kept rolling off. After seeing how easy he was with sleeping NOT in a crib we thought maybe we should just move forward and put him in a big boy bed. He is quite the mover in his sleep so we decided to go with a full size bed, we also already had a full size bed so it was convenient. We were blessed with a pair of amazing train sheets and we found another pair with cars, trains, trucks, etc on clearance at Target for $9.49!! We are still working on finding him a versatile comforter and bed frame. Tonight was his first night in the big boy bed and he fell right asleep and is still comfy and sleeping in his bed. It's a very bittersweet event for me personally. Taking down the crib struck some emotions. I just can't believe how fast my baby is growing up! Marty brought up photos today of us setting up the crib for the first time so it made the event even more emotional for Mama. I love his bedding though and look forward to him running into our rooms to snuggle in the mornings! :o)

Last night in his crib
Laughing on his bed
He loves it
Down for the count!

A little of this, a little of that...

Jackson really loves Thomas the train. He loves anything with wheels but has really taken in interest in Thomas or as he calls it, "choo choo." We found this little Thomas couch at a garage sale for dirt cheep and it was super clean. I am not usually about buying character things like this but Marty and Jack both thought Jack needed it. Jack LOVES to lounge around or watch a movie on it. Pretty cute.

One day Jack was playing in his bedroom and it got quiet so naturally I went to find him. He had found his grape hair pomade and decided to do his hair and taste the pomade as well. Silly kid.
Doing his hair
Jackson started swimming lessons two weeks ago. Marty and I have taken turns being in the water with him so far. Jackson LOVES water, we go to our pool here all the time and spend most hot days at the water park. He hasn't been to sure about lessons yet though. We are thinking he gets too hot. This place keep the air and water at about 92 degrees since smaller babies take lessons at this place as well. Jackson is usually done halfway through and begging for a drink. We are still working on it and I honestly thing he will get the hang of it.

Fun in the Sun!

First skinned knee... He had two more falls after this in the next few days so both his knees are pretty banged up... Poor guy!
Playing with sidewalk chalk while Daddy BBQ's us some dinner!
Waiting "patiently" to go to the park
The rest of the photos in this post are from the water park right by our house. Jackson LOVES it here and I honestly think we would play in the water all day and be fine without stopping to eat.

Clearly he did not want to leave!

Fathers Day 2010

This year for Fathers day Jackson and I surprised Marty with Mariner tickets. I scored some FREE tickets in the very front row in left field, these were amazing seats and we are so blessed to have had this opportunity!! Jackson did AMAZING and sat through the WHOLE game. One the way up we both agreed that since Jack had not slept in the car and the game was starting at what is usually his nap time, we should not expect to sit for more then the first few innings. Jack loved the action and has started to like baseball or "bay-ball." We had so much fun, it was such a perfect day!
Enjoying some berries at the game

Exhausted, he fell asleep probably 3 minutes after the game was over!