Sunday, January 31, 2010

OMSI and more

Best Buds
I love my handsome little man!
Discovering at OMSI this past Friday
Samson the Dinosaur 
I think this was his favorite thing at OMSI

About a week and a half ago Jackson fell and his his mouth on the ledge of our big window in the living room. As soon as he hit it, I had a bad feeling that it was going to be worse then a fat lip. And much to my bad feeling, as soon as I picked him up and saw the amount of blood it was confirmed, he would probably need stitches. I stayed calm for the most part, though I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a few tears. I called Marty and told him he needed to get home then while we waited for Marty to get home I called Jackson's Dr and they said to go ahead and bring him to the office. Jackson only cried for a few minutes while I was cleaning him up then was fine until we would have to clean around him mouth again. He wasn't constantly bleeding but was off and on while we waited for the Dr. 
It was just a few weeks ago that Jackson had his 15 month check up and got shots, so once again, as we got into the exam room he got pretty upset. The Dr took a look then decided the cut on the inside of his mouth would heal on it's own fine but the cut on the outside, which was the worse one needed 2 stitches. I knew deep down before we saw the Dr that he would probably need them but once she said for sure, my stomach sank. I was so nervous. Thankfully they were able to do the stitches right in the office.
Marty had to hold Jackson's body down and the nurse had to hold his head. Jackson was screaming and I sat in the corner and cried and cried. It was the hardest thing. I am even tearing up now thinking about it. Call me a wimp if you want, but I am sorry, there is nothing worse then seeing your child scared and or in pain then not being able to hold and comfort them.
Once they were done Jackson came right over to me, I wiped our tears away and he snuggled with his blankets in my arms. He was physically drained and his whole body just kind of crashed in a sense. Though I was loving the snuggle time, I think the three of us were still traumatized. 
After the Dr, we picked up an antibiotic for Jack, came home for a much needed nap, then when Marty was off work we headed to ToysRUs to get Jackson a new fun toy.
All in all, Jackson did really well, he hardly noticed the stitches in the following days. Until he had to get them taken out anyway... He freaked out again once we got into the exam room but was fine once his Dr was done taking them out. It took less then 5 minutes and she was quite pleased with how the wound had healed.
Needless to say, while Jackson is fully recovered, I am still a little on edge. Whenever he is running close to anything he could fall on I tense up. I am not sure that will change anytime soon and I am sure more injuries are in our future. I am the Mama of an active little boy after all. :)

Having a Popsicle the night he got his stitches

The best shot we could get of his "boo boo" though it's still hard to see.

"The itsy bitsy spider..."

A few randoms

We have been busy with nothing in particular lately. Jackson is growing by the second it seems and keeps us very entertained. Here are a some random photos of the last few weeks.

Jackson and Reid at dinner one night
Playing at the play area @ Bridgeport
Daddy "getting" Jackson
Feeding himself oatmeal

Monday, January 11, 2010

All things Jackson- 15 months old

Our boy is 15 months old already! I feel like Jack has grown up so much in the last 2 months or so. He is changing, growing, and learning so fast, it's crazy! He had his 10th haircut last week and this time it was a big boy haircut. We love his shaggy hair but it grows so fast that he was ready for another haircut only 3 weeks after the previous cut. His new do makes him look so grown up and while I miss his hair, I love his new cut as well. :)

Jackson had his 15 month check up last week as well. He has started to remember the exam rooms. He hasn't had to go to the Dr except for his check ups so he must remember his 1 year check up. He was happy and playing and being friendly in the waiting room and as we walked back to the exam rooms, but as the nurse guided him to the room he quickly turned around and tried to escape. When we brought him back into the room he got a little upset but didn't freak out. Jack weighs in at 25 1/2 lbs and is 331/4in long. Oh, and if you are wondering, yes he still has a big head. :o) His head has never been lower then the 95 percentile. Jackson's Dr was very pleased with his development and he even showed off some of his new tricks like identifying body parts, saying words, etc.  Once Dr. Corso was done doing her part the nurse came in with that evil blue tray and Jackson recognized it right off the bat and began to cling to me and get upset. He handled his shots like a champ but freaked out a little before she even touched him.

Jackson has learned to say about 20 words now and his first phrase, if you don't count "all done" was "Go go Ducks", or "go go dus!" Marty is so proud. :o) As you saw in a previous blog, he loves airplanes and all things with wheels for that matter. He went through a stage where he wasn't as into books but has passed that and loves reading again. I can ask him to bring me a book and he will go pick one out and then come sit on my lap. One of his favorite books is, "Goodnight Moon" and there are two parts that talk about the old lady whispering "hush" if we pause before saying hush he will say, "shhhhhhh." It's pretty cute. He is good about following other basic instructions like "Bring me the... " or "Where is the..." as well. It's amazing how fast they learn and pick up on things, we have loved each new stage in his life and feel so blessed that we GET to be his Mama and Dada. 

Thanks for letting me brag a little. Every Mama has to every once in awhile. :)

15 months old
Ready for bed
Reading with Dada
Playing on Auntie Andrea's computer
Eating one of his FAVORITE foods, Lasagna
Jackson insists on feeding himself everything now. He has been feeding himself for quite some time but we were still "helping" with messy foods like yogurt, oatmeal, etc. He is doing a really good job of doing it all by himself though.

Airplane watching

Jackson loves Airplanes. He first recognized airplanes this past spring/summer when we were outside a lot. He would hear the airplane and we would point to it in the sky and tell him it was an airplane. This lead to him being able to hear airplanes even when we are inside. Anytime he hears an airplane he gets excited and points up. 
Last weekend we decided to take Jackson out by PDX to watch airplanes land and take off, we parked off of Marine drive and had a perfect view of the runways. Jackson got excited at first then was in this zone, staring and pointing. It was so much fun to watch him!


We didn't get a white Christmas, but we did get about 4 inches of snow before New Years. Jackson loved the snow and didn't want to come back inside after being out playing in the snow. 

Watching the snow come down

Digging in
So happy
Hot Chocolate upon our return indoors. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eugene Christmas

Sunday the 27th, we drove down to Eugene to celebrate Christmas with Marty's side of the family. We started at Tom and Andrea's where we hung out and did our gift exchange then headed over to the Mohr's for some yummy Chicken Lasagna and more conversation/catching up. We missed Stephen and Kayleen but hopefully we will all be together next year!

The "kids" minus Stephen and Kayleen

Jackson LOVED the piano at the Mohr's. When we decide to buy a house someday we will get Marty's Dad's old piano which I am sure he will love as well. :)

Christmas #1

Now that things have settled down a bit,  I will FINALLY do some updating on here. :o)

We had a fabulous Christmas. We had our traditional Christmas Eve and Christmas in Dayton where we ate great food, laughed, watched the cousins play, opened gifts, and relaxed. On the 27th, we celebrated Christmas in Eugene with the Welch/Vosseler side which I will do in a different post. The Christmas season seems to get better and better every year, LOVE IT!

Daddy putting together Jack's new kitchen

Playing with the kitchen Christmas morning

Such a handsome guy!

Our little family of 3!