Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More April Fun

We have been blessed with some beautiful weather so we try to get out and to the park as much as possible. Jackson LOVES being outside. Marty's best friend and his little girl, Norah came for a play date last week as well. So much fun!

"Choo Choo!"
Dad's and babies
Jackson went down the big slide by himself!
Oops the pics are out of order but this was on the way to the park.
Someone forgot to buckle our little escape artist. He climbed out of his chair and got into the Easter eggs!
I get to witness this daily! How lucky am I!?
Jackson's excited face

The Wednesday crew

Every Wednesday Jackson, Brecken, and I head up to my bothers and watch his two youngest kiddos Ronnie and Haydee. It's just for a few hours, but even a few hours with four kiddos under 2.5 years of age can be quite the adventure. I love every minute and enjoy watching the kids interact. They are quite adorable!!

Jack and cousin Ronnie
The Wednesday crew!
Brecken was done with photos at this point but these three were still game. :o)

Easter 2010

We had a fabulous Easter this year. One of my favorites so far!

We went to church Sunday morning then headed home for Jackson to find his Easter basket. Then around 1:30 we headed to Mima and Papa's house for fun family time, some of the best ham I have ever had, and of course, Papa's famous Easter egg hung. The hunt did have to be inside this year since it was raining but Jack still loved it!

Jackson, looking fabulous!
Dying eggs at Mima and Papa's house
He's saying, "A BIRRRRRD!"
Easter goodies
Our little family on Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Playing at Mima and Papa's house. He loves cars.
This next series of photos are from an afternoon walk/trip to the park. :o)

Chris and Andrea

Marty's younger sister, Andrea and her boyfriend got engaged a few weeks ago. We are  beyond thrilled for them. The week after they got engaged we ventured out to take some engagement photos. Pretty cute little couple if you ask us. :o)

Catching up/March 2010

Ok so this post is a little massive... March absolutely flew by. Here are a few photos of some fun we had this month...
Rainy day fun... Playing in the sink!
Jackson and Brecken at the Zoo

Checking out the Zebras
We had a picnic of sorts at the zoo, doesn't Jack look comfy?
Char and Norah @ the Zoo
Jackson had a pretty bad ear infection a few weeks ago so we made him a "spot"  and he has to have one every day now.
Peeking through a hole in a barn...
This darling little lady is Brecken. She hangs out with us 5 days a week while her parents work. We absolutely adore her and love having her around.
Cute buns
We find Jackson like this AT LEAST once a day. His sound machine is under his bed and he loves to play with it.