Friday, June 20, 2008

What will Jackson look like??

This is a question we have been pondering a lot lately. I know every expectant parent daydreams about what their little one will look like. Here are a few photos I thought I would share, there are 3 of Marty and 1 of me. The earliest photo I have of myself on my computer is at 8 months of age, so when we go to Dayton tomorrow I will try to look for some earlier ones. We have several of Marty, he was such a cute little man, I would not mind at all if Jackson looks just like his Daddy!

Sweet newborn Marty
Look at the hair!
Marty with big brother, Tom
Anna, 8 months old

A Friday night at home...

I started to feel like I was coming down with something yesterday around 4pm but thought it could possibly just be allergies. We had our traditional Taco night with Eric and Char, watched Arrested Development, then Eric and Char left around 11pm. I was still feeling a little out of it so took some Tylenol before going to bed. I slept HORRIBLE, I was up sooooo many time to either go to the bathroom, take Tylenol, or just being awake because I was miserable. 
My WONDERFUL hubby made an amazing breakfast this morning then we headed off to Target to get some Sudaffed and some other things. We also had to run pick up some stuff for VBS this next week. 
When we got home, I took Sudaffed and took a nap, woke up feeling a little better and was hungry so we made a late lunch here at home. Still feeling ok, we decided to play Rummy while watching the Mariner game, now were going to watch a movie.
Even though I am not feeling the greatest, it has been sooooo nice to have a Friday night at home. We are very on the go and there is always something going on so it is VERY rare that we are actually at home on the weekends. I didn't know I could enjoy doing pretty much nothing so much! 

Monday, June 16, 2008

WONDERFUL Anniversary Weekend!

Sunday, June 15th was our first anniversary so we decided to take a weekend trip to Seattle. 

We left early Friday morning after having cinnamon rolls at home and got into Seattle between 12:30 and 1:00pm. After picking up our tickets to the Mariner game we decided to park over by Safeco field so that we wouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to park in a lot right by the field. Once parked, we walked around Seattle, went into a few shops, and went to Starbuck for drinks and played a few card games. Marty kicked my booty at Cribbage. We headed over to Safeco field around 5:00 because it was a bobble head night so you have to get there early. We are both HUGE Seattle Mariner fans and LOVE Safeco, it is such a fun environment so we enjoyed going into different shops and walking around inside the park. We went to the big pro shop and it took everything in us not to buy ALL of the little boy Mariner gear, WAY TOO CUTE! Our friends Lacee and Travis met up with us just before the game started so it was a lot of fun to enjoy the game with them. The Mariners lost, but win or lose, the games are always fun!

The next day we left the hotel around 10:00am and headed to the Ferry where we would make our way over to Bremerton where Marty grew up and lived until he was about 12. The Ferry ride was great, we are big fans, so it has been tradition for us to take a ride, take photos, etc. After taking our photos and taking in the BEAUTIFUL scenery, we played cribbage again and this time I kicked Marty's booty. :-) Once we got into Bremerton, we ran around to some of Marty's old stomping grounds. It was really cool for me to see where he grew up and hear some of his memories. After running around Bremerton we met up with Marty's Uncle Paul. We hung out at his place for a bit, caught up, then went out for an amazing dinner, then hung out at Paul's house for a bit more. It was great to see Paul and catch up; he is a lot of fun. After hanging out with Paul we headed to Tacoma where we would stay for the night. We went to the Ram with our friend, Mark, who lives in the area and had beverages and some AMAZING desert. I had the Rocky Mountain Potato, which is ice cream rolled up and rolled in Cocoa, then has hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, and toasted almonds. SOOOO GOOD. Sunday, we left Tacoma around 9:30am to get to Seattle to hang out a bit before the Mariner game. We were pretty proud that we scored free parking for both games, especially when most of the lots close to the field cost $15-20! Our seats for this game were amazing. We sat 2 rows up from the field in Center field. The game, as always, was fun but our arms got soooooo torched because we didn't expect it to be so nice! So after the game we decided to head south a bit before stopping to get some ALOE. haha. Our car rides are always fun because we have the most random conversations when we drive so it's very entertaining. We played "remember when" where we took turns sharing random memories and had some good laughs. We stopped and had dinner at BJ's in Jantzen Beach and shared an appetizer and am amazing BBQ chicken pizza. We were hoping to see the Lakers lose while we ate, but I guess we will have to wait. ;-)

We got home around 9:30pm and were EXHAUSTED!! All in all the weekend was amazing and we had a lot of fun. I am such a lucky lady to be married to my best bud. Marty and I both have said that we LOVE that we are buddies and enjoy just hanging out together, it doesn't matter what we are doing or where we are, we have fun. The first year of marriage has been a year of learning and growth, but we have without a doubt, loved every minute and been soooooo blessed!

 Ok here are a few pics from our weekend.

Being Nerds at the Mariner game... It's what we do. ;-)
HOT Hubby!

    Jackson's first Ferry Ride

Go Mariners!

Friday, June 13, 2008

And... We're off!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend! Marty and I are off for the weekend for our anniversary! We're excited for a weekend of fun and hopefully sunshine! 

Love love

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our little Coldplay fan, a little scare, and pirates...

Marty and I are both HUGE fans of the band Coldplay. We listen to music a lot, especially when we are in the car, which is often because we are very on the go. Jackson must love music though because during worship at church this last week he moved a lot, and has responded to music randomly here and there BUT, we recorded the MTV movie awards Sunday and watched last night because Coldplay was performing and we really wanted to see the performance. Anyway, when Coldplay performed we turned the volume on the TV up and Jackson started going crazy! You could even see my belly move every once in awhile! We rewound the DVR to listen again, it was fun! We are so proud and Jackson will be listening to a lot more Coldplay because their new album is out on the 17th. :-)

Last night we had a minor scare. It was the most bizarre thing. I was great all day, our nephew, James had stayed over so we had been to the park, played games, etc. I took James home while Marty was at a meeting at church and had dinner with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews. I got home around 8:00pm, Marty and I were talking about the meeting and day in general then finished watching the Mariner game, watched the MTV movie awards, and went to bed around 11:00pm.  I got this cramp in my back so tried to stretch it out, and Marty tried rubbing it. All of a sudden I got this horrible pain all in my back, upper tummy, and chest. It was a mixture of pressure, burning, and sharp pain, every time I moved it got worse. Everything I did, made it worse.  I ended up throwing up, A LOT. Pretty much everything in my system. (Sorry, gross, I know) After I threw up, I was totally fine again. Marty called the doctor on call anyway because
 of how random and sudden the whole thing was, and I have not got sick or nauseous in well over 13 weeks now. The doctor was thinking it must have been a combination of something I ate and the pressure on my insides because our little man is growing and growing! I didn't have a fever and was feeling totally fine after throwing up so was advised to sleep and if I had the pains again or in the morning to call back and come in. I am totally find today, so the whole experience was just odd. That's pregnancy I guess...

We got Jackson's bedding set in the mail today. We are so excited. We had seen this online and loved it but it is even MORE amazing in person. We just love everything about it! One of the pics is one I saved from online to show my mom, the other is one Marty took today.