Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another photo update

Here are a few fun photos I took this last week. Jackson is growing up so fast. He will be 11 months old on Sept. 1st then before you know it we will be celebrating his first birthday!!

Such a silly boy

One of our favorites
We got to have Taylor spend the night with us last week so that Lacey and Bryan could have a night out for Bryan's birthday. She was such a good girl and we had so much fun loving on her!

Camping @ Detriot Lake

I have been a bad blogger lately. My apologies. :o)

A few weeks ago we went camping with my family at Detroit Lake. It wasn't super warm, but it was still a great time!
Happy Jack
Silly Ronnie
Lil Haydee Bug
Tasha and Kayla
Fun at the lake
Cute boys
Evening boat ride
Cooler Baths!
Morning walk
Jackson's first cooler bath
Chewing on steak

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Norah Louise Bohlmann

We have been waiting for this little sweetie pie to get here and she finally made her debut at 4:11am on the 5th!

Norah is the daughter of two of our best friends, Eric and Charlotte. Eric and Marty are best friends from High School and the four of us went to Concordia together. It seems like just yesterday the 4 of us were having our daily hang outs as just friends and now we are married with babies! Where does the time go!?

Norah is absolutely precious and we are thrilled that she is here. She is definitely blessed to have Eric and Char for a Mama and Dada! Such a cute little family!

If things go according to plan, Jackson and Norah should be getting hitched in about 22 years or so! ;-)
Dad's and babies

Cute lil hoot!
First of many kisses I am sure!

Hot days

Whew! It's been warm around here! Last week we were having temperatures of 100-107 degrees and we don't have AC yet so we retreated to my parents house to enjoy some AC and pool time! We have a pool here but the water was actually too warm for the heat we were having! So off to Mima and Papa's we went!
This week has been much nicer. If it's under 90 degrees our apartment stays pretty nice so we are back home and have enjoyed the pool, park, etc. I took a bunch of photos when we went to the park the other day... Enjoy!

Loon Lake

Well! Now that we have been back from our camping trip for almost 3 weeks I think it's about time I posted some photos!!

We were very excited to bring Jackson on his first camping trip. He is a fabulous camper and really seemed to enjoy himself! The only thing that seemed to throw us off was Jack waking up 1-2 hours earlier then usual because of the birds chirping and daylight. We made the most of our early mornings, usually around 7:00 or 7:30, by going for walks and enjoying an early morning campfire. After a morning nap we would walk down the hill to the beach until Jackson was ready for his next nap. Jackson loved playing in the sand and watching some of the big kids but LOVED being in the water even more! He is seriously such a water baby. We love it!
After Jackson's afternoon nap, if there was time before dinner we would head back to the beach, if there wasn't enough time we would just go ahead and take our showers and get ready for one of our amazing meals! 
Jackson went to bed a little later then normal most of the week, usually around 9:00pm but had no problem falling asleep and did great! We are so proud of him.

Last year at Loon lake I was 30 weeks pregnant and rode the tube, this year Jackson was 9 months old and rode the tube. He actually almost fell asleep during our family ride. It was still a lot of fun though!

As always, Loon Lake was a blast and we are already counting down until next year! :-) 

Loon Lake Baby!
Sunscreen hair
Playing in the sand

Happy Camper
Mama kisses on the dock
Outdoor loving boys
Our first camping trip together!