Friday, June 4, 2010

Last half of May

This is how Jackson eats breakfast, see those little chubby toes? This cracks us up because Anna often has her right foot on her chair when she eats. 
Jack and the giant strawberry
We ended up cutting it up
And he oh so nicely shared with Mama
Playing with clay at the Children's museum
He DID NOT like touching the clay with his hands though...
Story time
The "dig pit" at the Children's Museum

He would stay and play in the water ALL DAY if we let him

First time having strawberry shortcake!
A sunday trip to the Zoo

Making elephant noises with Daddy
Jackson LOVES the lions!

One of the lady lions came to say hello to Jackson 

On the "Choo Choo" at the zoo

Catching up... The first half of May

One of these days I will be more consistent in updating this thing. Life get's busy, you know how it goes. Here are several photos of what we were up to the first half of May.

Jackson and Daddy went to the airport to watch airplanes

Bubble beard
This photo was a few days after Jackson fell and almost bit through his lip.

This is Jackson's new FAVORITE thing, his Thomas the Train table set from Great Grandpa Thomas. :o)
Daddy loves the new train table too!
We took a trip to Bend with some friends, Jackson LOVES the outdoors.
Jackson's first time on a tire swing
Mama and her boy on Mother's Day
Smelling the flowers
Jackson loves going down slides
He also loves to laugh, especially at Daddy being silly.

Jackson and cousin Ronnie going down the slide
LOVES olives
Blowing bubbles
Running around at Auntie Jenny's soccer game