Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beautiful fall days

We have been having some beautiful fall weather. The last few days as we take trips to the park, we have tried to get some updated photos of Jack. We managed to get a few great shots and hope to take more in the leaves!
He always has to point out the airplanes

Mama's favorite

Jack's Tonka Truck party

Jackson loves anything with wheels, he is such a boy. We decided to have a Tonka truck party this year at Mima and Papa's house. They have a huge back yard and the first weekend in October tends to be pretty decent weather wise. Papa made Jack and his family/friends a dig pit in the yard so we brought out all of the sand toys, trucks, shovels, etc.
We had such a great time celebrating our little man with some of the people closest to us. He is definitely a loved little boy!
The cupcakes

Opening presents

Silly cousins!

Showing Uncle Stephen around the dig pit

Jackson's Grandma made him this cake. It turned out so cute and tasted quite delightful as well!

Jackson's 2nd Birthday

October 1st our little buddy turned 2. I will say this every year but I can not believe it. Each new milestone is bittersweet. It's beyond fun and rewarding to watch Jackson grow and develop, and kind of sad that time seems to go by so fast.

Jack's party was on the 2nd but we had a fun busy day celebrating together on his actual birthday. We started the day by opening his gifts from Mama and Daddy and then Daddy went and got doughnuts, a special treat and very unhealthy breakfast but he loved eating all but the frosting, of course.
Next we headed to the airport, one of Jack's favorite places in the world. He could sit and watch airplanes for hours.
After our airport adventure we had lunch at Red Robin then headed to Saint cupcake to meet up with Uncle Stephen, Aunt Kayleen, and Aunt Andrea. Jackson was still full so did not eat his cupcake so we took it home.
Next we headed to Toys R Us to let Jack pick out a new fun toy, he could spend hours in Toys R Us just wandering around and playing in the Thomas the Train section.
Around dinner time we headed to Mima and Papa's house for dinner together. We stayed the night to prepare for Jack's birthday part there the next day.
It was quite the fun day and needless to say, Jack was down and OUT by 7:30.

Opening a present

A fun and unhealthy breakfast

At the airport

One of our favorite photos. At his exact moment Jack is sitting behind the wheel (which he could do for hours) an airplane was landing, two jets flew by, and the choo choo (the Max) went by. I thought his head might explode. He didn't know what to do with himself.

At Red Robin for lunch. Jack spilled some salt on the table so he and Daddy were blowing on it to make it go away. Jack thought it was quite hilarious.

Saint Cupcake. It took him a minute to realize he didn't like frosting.

Jack Jack,

You will never know how much Mama and Dada love you. We are head over heels, crazy in love with you and that love only grows every day. You are such a beautiful, sweet, intelligent, and funny little guy. You make us laugh and teach us something about life every day. We are so thankful that we get to be your Mama and Dada and look forward to many many more fun adventures with our little buddy bear!

Jack and Reid

Two of our good friends, Cody and Anna, have a little boy named Reid. Jack and Reid are exactly two weeks apart and are quite the pair. We do a lot together and it is beyond fun watching the two of them grow together. We have MANY photos of the fun the two have together but here are a few favorites and currents!

The first time Jack and Reid met.
First friends Thankgiving. About 4 and 6 weeks old I believe.

A Christmas gathering with cool new hats. 3 months old.

Reading books. About 15 months old.

At the Zoo in August 2010, 22 months old.

So many hugs

The Dad's are quite the pair too... Upside chicken fighting? Or hugging perhaps? :o)

They also have had several pairs of matching PJ's, shirts, etc.

So cute. Jack sure loves his buddy Reid!

September 2010

September was a busy month filled with several activities. We tried to do as many outdoor activities as possible while the sun was still out, or at least while it wasn't raining.

Making cookies

Loading up his piggy bank

We got to see a training session at the zoo. Jack loved watching the elephant paint, spray water, and the elephant even waved at us!

One of Jack's favorite spots at the zoo... "Driving" the safari jeep.

Bubble gun fun

One of many trips to the park. Daddy like to take Jack on wild wagon rides.

Having a cupcake at cousin James' birthday party. Jack prefers his cupcakes without frosting.

Riding the train at Oaks park. During the summer through September they have preschool hours where the little kiddos can come and ride unlimited rides then have story time, milk, and cookies!
sharing a snack with Brecken

Down the slide with Daddy

This was Jack's favorite ride

One of Jack's favorite past times... Playing cars.

Our nephew James came to stay the night with us and we went to the zoo again. Jack absolutely LOVES James. Here they are checking out the sea lions.

While at the zoo, anytime there was something Jack could not reach, James would lift him up. Such a nice cousin.

Jack hung out at Mimi's house so Mama and Daddy could get some things done and go on a much needed date. Here is is holding his first fuzzy caterpillar.