Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Halloween 2010

Jack randomly started to love Monsters this fall so of course, he had to be a Monster for Halloween. We started off our day making Halloween cookies with Mima then after nap time we headed to Zoo Boo at the Zoo where we met up with our good friends Cody, Anna, and Reid. The boys looked so cute especially together. Before leaving the Zoo we went on a short train ride. Next we headed over to the Lail's house for dinner and then we took the boys out to trick-or-treat. They did really well and had so much fun! After trick-or-treating we went BACK to the Lail's house to put the boys to bed, watch movies, and eat way too much junk.

The cutest Monster ever.

Trick or treat!

Who knew an air mattress could provide so much entertainment?? And don't the boys look adorable in their skeleton jammies?

The gang after trick-or-treating


Shana said...

Seriously he is so stinking cute, the cutest monster I've seen!

Myya said...

Cutest monster I've ever seen. What a doll!!!