Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A bit of November

November flew by didn't it? Here is a random selection of photos from this month.

Jack and Brecken. They seriously have to hold hands anytime we go ANYWHERE. Pretty darn cute.

Jackson's great Aunt Kathy sent him an awesome Green Bay Packers bean bag in the mail for his birthday. Jackson LOVES it and also loves the box it came in. It is seriously still in out house as I type this. Daddy made part of the cardboard into a street for Jackson's cars. So fun.

So I am the QUEEN of swaddling, and Jack was totally a baby who LOVED to be swaddled. We were playing around one day and decided to see how he would react to being "swaddled." Well, he loved it, so cute.

Here are a bunch of random fall photos of Jack and Brecken. (I am pretty sure I have mentioned Brecken on here before, she is our friends little girl and we take care of her during the week. He and Jack are buddies.)

Just like Mama, loves a good burrito!

Jack loves to pretend that he is asleep.

I took some family photos for our friends, The Wilsons, great looking family!


Jyndia said...

Love love love all the photos!!!! Ah, Jack is so dang cute!! Looks like you guys have been having far too much fun this fall :) Love and miss you guys!

Shana said...

I see future boyfriend and girlfriend!!! Brecken is so stinking cute! Of course great photos like always!

Myya said...

The pictures of Jack & Brecken are A-Freakin-Dorable!!! Hmmmm maybe one day you will be showing these in a slideshow at thier wedding. Oh wait nevermind, he is bethrothed to one of my girls :)